Stitcher's Accessories Gift Box
Stitcher's Accessories Gift Box
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Stitcher's Accessories Gift Box

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This Stitcher's Accessories Gift box includes one needle minder, one pair of red stork scissors and one tassel threader.

These adorable needle minders are made right here in the studio with Liberty of London Fabrics and make the perfect accessory for your needlepoint project. Just attach it to your canvas and it will catch your needles for you. No more searching the couch or project bag to find those elusive tapestry needles.

A Rare Earth magnet is encased inside the needle minder plus a Rare Earth magnet is included to secure your minder from the bottom side of your needlepoint project. Due to the strength of the magnets is easier to slide the magnets apart to separate them instead of pulling them apart.

It is important to remember that rare earth magnets are very powerful. They should not be used near any electronic items, credit cards, near a pacemaker or any medical device to avoid damage.

Keep away from babies, small children and pets.

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